“I grew up, I know… I’m not the same boy, I know… But do not tell me that I don’t love you, that I do not live for you, maybe
I have a girlfriend, but will be always with you… one day i’ll get married and when I leave the church, a lot of girls will be crying and looking at me with their red eyes, i’ll look next to me and i’ll see my wife, I want to leave her for a second for go to hug them, but, I can’t… I just hope that you know that I love you, and I’ll love you forever, you are those that made me be who I am, more than once i forgot to mention you, but maybe it was only because i was nervous, all these things are new for me, from the streets to wining loads of awards, the only thing i can do is say thank you by a letter, i always thought i will be have you forever, until somebody told me that nothing lasts forever, and i realized that he’s talking about my fans, my girls, my beliebers, they will get married and they will have kids, a lot of girls will call their kids Justin, I find this exciting, how many justin’s will be in the world because of me? it’s impossible that the time stops, i want them for me and only for me, but this can’t happen… a lot of people made fun about me because i sang on the streets, a lot of people looked down on me for not having money, but i don’t hate them, I feel sorry about them, because they will never know the meaning of suffer for your parents, or for your mum… I only hope that you will never leave me, because maybe I’m the richest man, but without you I’m anybody, I will be another guy who used to sing on the street, the boy who used to cry at night for not be like the others, but this time, i’ll cry for them, because i have lost them… each girl means the world for me, because without you i won’t be Justin Bieber, for you I’m Justin, your Justin though, this boy who takes photos with funny faces to make them smile… i know i’ll grow up, but I’ll be always a baby for my beliebers. If you are a Belieber and you’re reading this, you deserve all the love. maybe i have never demonstrated but, u know what? I LOVE YOU. And yeah, I’m your husband, Pattie is your mother in law, and Jazzy and Jaxon are your brother and sister in law. do u know what more i know? justin bieber, the humble guy who used to sing at the Avon Theatre stairs loves you, and only you. love, if you are crying for any reason, do not cry, be strong, because i’m still the boy who sang on the street to have a coin to help his family, to show them that i COULD fulfill my dream, and what happened? it came true, yeah! because anything is possible. the boy who is writing this loves you, really, maybe u think it’s an stupid letter, (maybe it is but), because i’m the boy who sang on the streets the difference is that know i sing in stadiums, and now i see a lot of fans crying for me and get desperate to be my OLLG, never give up cause one day when you least expect it u will be her, cause anything is possible. love, anything is possible, I would continue to write this letter for years for show you that i love u, but I think I couldn’t longer, because i have to continue with my life like you beautiful, if you think that Justin Bieber has changed, NO. I have never changed I’m still this humble person that prayed for have a home, I have only grew up. Lots of love, for all of you beliebers, bye, until forever.”
- Justin Bieber From the new book.( Just Getting Started.)


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